Skills improvement is a continuous process that intensifies with experiencing, but starts with knowing. So, why guessing? just take the right path.

 At Institute i4, we focus on knowledge transfer and first level practice. We put it on the right track. By combining the fantastic power of best practices with tried-and-true teaching methods, we provide learners real opportunity.

 Are you ready to start the journey?

We accelerate improvement steps

We can deliver it at your place, at your schedule, and we can even customize it to fit your needs.

We manage the transfer of the important knowledge with less effort from your side. We also have fast track programs for those in a hurry.

Is it long?

Is it public?

Our courses are designed to make it simple and exciting. We don't teach reference books, but concepts and ideas. We train people on applying proven practices and appropriate techniques. 

Is it vast?

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