Institute I4 is a Canadian training company that facilitates professional skills improvement and contributes to people advancement in their careers and businesses. 

Our trainers are highly skilled in their subject areas and are uniquely positioned to provide delegates with deep industry experience.

Onsite Training:
Our onsite or tailor-made training solutions are well-suited to those clients who wish to have personalized content and delivery to enhance the business benefits for their delegates. We are happy to collaborate with you to design a solution specific to your needs. An onsite training solution reduces overall costs and improves flexibility by arranging training to suit your business needs and schedule.

To enable us to empower the advancement of knowledge we offer a range of consultancy services. In order to benefit from a real return on investment, it is essential that the skills gained through the classroom are deployed effectively in the workplace. This can involve expert guidance and support or a more hands on outsourced approach. Send us your requirements and we will be glad to respond.